EGLD Staking Provider on MultiversX

We were really early on Elrond Blockchain and joined the public Testnet on day 1. Since this early days in 2019 we are running and updating Elrond nodes. We celebrated Mainnet on 20th July 2020 and feel the transition from Elrond to MultiversX. More than a blockchain infrastructure, much more as the most projects out there!

EGLD Staking FAQs

Staking, Delegation and Rewards


question-markWhat is staking and delegation?

  • Delegation (sometimes called Staking) is the non-custodial process of locking your EGLD in a staking pool, which uses them as collateral in Proof-of-Stake consensus to validate blocks. This generates rewards which can be redeemed by the delegator.

question-markWhat is the minimum amount I can start with?

  • For MultiversX, you currently need at least 1 EGLD to make a delegation. In addition, you will need a small amount of EGLD to be able to pay gas fees. Gas fees are required to process any transaction on the MultiversX Blockchain, and are often as low as 0.001 EGLD.
  • You will be able to get rewards from 10% to 14% per year. This way you earn more EGLD independently from the current price.

question-markHow can I delegate my EGLD?

question-markHow secure is it to delegate my EGLD to a staking provider?

  • Delegating (or staking) is a non-custodial process. This means the owner of the EGLD will always remain in control of those EGLD. Staking providers do not, in any way, have control over EGLD delegated by anyone else. Therefore, your EGLD can never be stolen or compromised by the staking provider.
  • The worst case scenario would be that one delegates their EGLD to a provider who stops operating. In this case the owner of the EGLD would simply stop receiving rewards and would have to wait ten days before having their EGLD unlocked in their wallet again.

question-markHow long does it take to undelegate and withdraw my EGLD from a staking provider?

  • You can undelegate your EGLD at any time. However, it will take ten days before you can fully withdraw your EGLD. During these ten days your EGLD are frozen, and you will not be able to send or delegate them anywhere else.
  • After the initiation of an undelegation process, in next 10 days while waiting for the withdrawal, your EGLD are not receiving any rewards.

question-markHow much fees does charge as a staking provider?

What is MultiversX EGLD?


question-markWhat is MultiversX EGLD?

question-markWhere to buy EGLD?

  • You can buy EGLD right from your xPortal Mobile App. Here you can select your country and you can choose between different services, credit card or wired transfer.
  • EGLD is needed to pay gas fee for every transaction on the MultiversX blockchain.
  • You can visit also.

Staking Support


question-markHow can I get support on or as a staking provider?

  • Please read our Q&A on this page to gain general knowledge of how MultiversX delegation is working.
  • There is a Support Channel on Telegram where you can join and write us: