We thought about how we can use our knowledge and code base from our previous projects to empower the MultiversX ecosystem. Our solution is a white label dapp. We want to offer a SaaS solution for projects that want to get started on MultiversX but are not capable of doing software development themselves.

The first brick is ready to demonstrate how it works. (Feel free to give it a try. Please find the link at the end of this page.)

We can present an NFT Lottery. We extended the lottery smart contract example to be an NFT Lottery. Also, we added an optional percentage of donation and a deadline.

Beside of EGLD, we offer ESDT payments and the dapp is showing prices in users’ display currency (all currencies can be chosen in the profile).

So we are ready for a whole scenario to cover, e.g. a game project with their own token, their NFT/SFT collections.

This way, they can concentrate on their game and their community and let us run and improve a trading dapp where the gamers can exchange and track their assets.

Please feel free to book a call!

Concentrate on your project, while we provide the interface to MultiversX

Many projects fail because it is hard to develop and maintain a dapp written in JavaScript or React, including MultiversX libraries. We offer a hosted service to handle all of this:

  • Wallet Connect
  • Interact with smart contracts
  • NFT auctions
  • NFT lottery
  • using EGLD or ESDT payments
  • Display currency: let the user see all values in USD, EUR, or any other world currency
  • Activity list
You need an own smart contract covering a different use case? Not a problem. We can write a custom smart contract and let our white label dapp interact with it.

How does the white label dapp work?

You as the site owner decide about:

  • Is it running on your domain or subdomain, or on our subdomain?
  • Focus on your use case
  • Enable and disable features
  • Customize navigation, footer and order of elements any time from an administrator’s backend like on WordPress.

In addition

  • Add a self-made theme designed by your web designers
  • Re-use an existing smart contract
  • Let us design and build a smart contract fitting to your use case
  • Vote for next features accelerating your project
teaser screenshot

Possible scenarios

Basically, we can apply all kind of interaction with the MultiversX blockchain and smart contracts on it in our white label dapp! Here are some examples:

NFT Marketplace




NFT Breeding

NFT Minting

White Wabel Dapp - Roadmap

| Use case        | Smart contract exists? | Description                                                                                         |
| --------------- | ---------------------- | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- |
| NFT Lottery | yes | Setup a lottery to sell a NFT on your wallet. |
| NFT exchange | yes | Swap one NFT for another securely. Each party needs to do one transaction only. | | NFT Minting | yes | Let audience mint NFTs which are prepared already | | NFT Breeding | yes | Let audience get another NFT when they own two already | | NFT Marketplace | yes | Imagine a own marketplace for your project. Your community can explore and buy and sell NFTs there. |

Ready to use:

  • Load / update NFTs & SFTs when wallet connects
  • User profile
  • Use EGLD and ESDT payment, site owner can define which ESDTs
  • Show EGLD and ESDT values in EUR
  • NFT auctions including NFT Lottery
  • Admin backend manage navigation and footer and to arrange elements and edit text 

In preparation:

  • Different default themes
  • Let user select a display currency
  • Admin backend: add blog and campaigns 


  • SFT auctions
Our customers will be able to vote for the next features!

Here you can see our demo, which we will present in Rothkreuz on 1st June 2023.


Live demonstration! Visit and try yourself

In our demonstration, we provide an NFT Lottery on devnet.  How does it work in detail?

Connect with your wallet and our dapp will import all NFTs on your wallet. There is no NFT or empty wallet? No problem! After connecting to our dapp, you will receive EGLD and ITHEUM on your wallet. So you can participate in current active lotteries by buying tickets and have a chance to win at the end of the lottery or as soon as all tickets are sold. Good Luck!

You can set up a new lottery by choosing an NFT on your wallet and fill out the wizard. Don’t forget to promote your NFT sales. Spread the link to let people buy tickets for your lottery. Btw. you can also participate.

When you see a lottery already ended and nobody was announcing a winner so far, feel free to be the innocent hand and sign the announce-winner transaction.

As an optional extra, we added an optional donation address. When the winner gets the NFT, the creator gets the royalties, the optional donation is sent and, last but not least, the seller gets the rest of the sum of all tickets sold.

Have fun with our demo! Please send us feedback as well. Good luck at all lotteries!