How can you add a @herotag to your MultiversX wallet?

A @herotag makes it easy to remember a wallet address for the most people. Some exceptional people can remember a full 63 character wallet address like this: erd19lsleldqeaf8myvhyd7j4xzu8wk7ehd62xevmv5kccejpehxf6xssspxns.  

Here is how you can register your @herotag for your address in Elrond DNS Service.

On xPortal (formerly known as Maiar App)

Here it is really easy. Just press register your @herotag, select your herotag and register it when it is still available.

Congratulations! You are done!

When you are using another type of wallet, the other options may fit you.

Using erdpy dns register

erdpy is a command line tool to interact with MultiversX blockchain. It is available for Linux and Mac. Here you can find out hot to install and update erdpy:

When erdpy is running, you need your private key of the wallet your want to register your @herotag for. The private key is stored in a .pem file. 

If you have your 24 words, but not a .pem file you can use erdpy to create your .pem file:

erdpy –verbose wallet derive walletKey.pem –mnemonic

> here you paste your twenty four words of your wallet et cetera
Now you private key is in the file walletKey.pem

Let’s check in with network you want to register the herotag.

  • For mainnet use proxy: and chainID: 1.
  • For devnet use proxy: and chainID: D.
  • For testnet use proxy: and chainID: T.
For mainnet:
$ erdpy config set chainID 1
$ erdpy config set proxy

For devnet:

$ erdpy config set chainID D

$ erdpy config set proxy

Let’s register your @herotag now:

erdpy dns register –recall-nonce –name=your_hero_tag.elrond –gas-limit=70000000 –pem=walletKey.pem –pem-index=0 –outfile=.json –send

Please replace your herotag at the name parameter. Please note:

a-z and 0-9 are possible to use. No upper case and no other characters. The herotag has to end with .elrond.

Good Luck!

Using an online tool from

When using erdpy valiant is not the right tool for you, or you don’t have the private key because you are using Ledger or Atomic Wallet, this is the method is for you!

Here is also a Warning:

– It’s not possible to modify or delete a herotag assigned to an address!

– The herotag will be visible in the Elrond Explorer and can be used as an receiving address in many wallets, soon.

Here is an good example

Do you remember the wallet address I mentioned before? erd19lsleldqeaf8myvhyd7j4xzu8wk7ehd62xevmv5kccejpehxf6xssspxns? The alias registered for this address is @treambananenflanke. This wallet belongs to a sports club based in different cities like Bayreuth, Cologne, Munich, Landshut and Regensburg to mention a few only. Here you can find the official home page:

Team Bananenflanke section Regensburg is looking forward to receive your donation on @teambananenflanke 🙂

Thank you!

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