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White Label Dapp just released!

We are proud to present our White Label Dapp! It can support projects on MultiversX. 

Tomorrow, on an MultiversX event exclusive for founders and developers, we will officially launch our White Label Dapp. This is empowering small teams or new projects to let their customers interact with MultiversX blockchain. This may be a game changer for them. Please take a close look at our product page, try it out in our dapp demo site and fill out the feedback form to get in touch. Have fun trying our example of a NFT Lottery yourself.

Get all details on the product page.

Hatom Liquid Staking

We are part of Hatom Liquid Staking Phase 1

Pole position

Hatom Protocol will bring several new DeFi modules into MultiversX ecosystem. 

Lending Protocol Lend your EGLD or ESDT safely and receive rewards or borrow EGLD or other tokens from other users.  

Liquidity Staking This is enabling users to be more flexible on staking EGLD. 10 days withdraw period does not exist and a percentage of staked EGLD can to re-used while it is staked by Hatom’s Liquid Staking.

Governance Hatom’s HTM token allows its holders to take part in the governance and decide on the future of the entire Hatom Ecosystem.

Safety Module Earn safety incentives by providing an additional layer of protection for the protocol

Beside of Liquid staking on MultiversX Staking Providers there are orrowing and Lending, ESDT Staking and a Safety Module to protect users from Liquidations.

xSafe bings a dapp for Multisig

Here is why you should not miss xSafe

Imagine a group of people responsible for a wallet with a huge sum. It can go well until there is a conflict or one of the members are initiation withdraws the others don’t agree with.

Join us exploring xSafe in a testdrive scenario

Today our friend Eddie from Valid Blocks published their excellent application xsafe.io to manage assets requireing multiple signatures. Let’s see how to use it and if you find it comfortable and convenient. It is one of the most secure to manage wallets and share them between multiple people.

Here is the story we are telling….

Once upon a time there were five girlfriends. Judy, Grace, Heidi, Carol and Eve.

They had pooled together and bought EGLD a long time ago. Through staking it has become a small fortune.

Charlie recommends the friends to replace the common wallet with an xSafe. Just in case the best friends have a fight. The xSafe can ensure that for each transaction, for example, 3 out of 5 of the girlfriends must agree to sign.

And this is how it happened. Now let’s see how the 5 friends create their xSafe and agree to each other’s transactions.



Firstly… we can load an existing Safe. But most probable you will need to create a new Safe now.

You can connect with all 4 types of wallets typical for MulitversX applications:

* MultiversX Defi Wallet

xPortal Mobile Wallet

Ledger Hardware Wallet

MultiversX Web Wallet (Keystore file or Private Key)

copy safe address

Create a new Safe

Now we create a new Safe. We assume there are 4 friends: Heidi, Grace, Eve, and Judy. They want to use a shared wallet to share their EGLD wealth and earn from staking.

Anyway, to keep it well, Charly initiated to create a Safe and add the five friends later.

What was happening technically so far? Here is the link to the smart contract xSafe was deploying for us. We see also the change of ownership transaction, transferring the ownership to itself. There is no other owner. This way, the smart contract cannot be updated by the creator anymore. 

Explore the dashboard

Now we managed all the preparation. Our Safe is created, and we can begin to add members, receive tokens and be safe.

Who is who?

Naming of the addresses brings more clarity. When your addresses registered a herotag already, you will see the @herotag here immediately.

Add your friends

Now it is time to add all addresses as a member. One after another for Judy, Grace, Heidi, Carol and Eve.

Double check, please!

All new members need to be approved, and the addition needs to be performed.

Everybody on board?

All these addresses are members now.

The friends want to remove Charlie and Andrea to be the group of five, again.


In order to approve from at least 3 friends, Charlie advises setting the quorum to 3.

Goodbye, Charlie!

Before adding funds, we remove all addresses which should not have a vote.

So Charlie supposed to leave by himself. Judy and Eve gave her votes and finally Charlie performed the change.

Sign here, please!

Now, at least 3 members need to sign before the creator of the proposal can perform the execution of the action proposed.


xSafe empowers groups of people to keep control of assets in a user-friendly way. Once the setup is there, the group can send assets like EGLD, ESDT tokens like Itheum and NFTs. 

It is also useful when you are holding very valuable assets. You are using two-factor authentications already? Why not with your valuable assets on your wallets?

For interaction with other smart contracts, a separate app is needing. Valid Blocks already integrated an app for staking. Please find my excursion on staking below. We are looking forward to seeing the next Apps arriving, which will extend the use cases of xSafe!


Every decision is written on blockchain and in addition everybody can log in into xsafe.io and connect to a xSafe smart contract. You won’t be able to see wallet names, but you can explore proposal and transaction history very easy. Are you curious about my test drive on Devnet? Log into Devnet Version of xSafe and connect to the SC erd1qqqqqqqqqqqqqpgqjm8paughv0usw2hqzrf8smkgfyndak6l6swqrxytgf.

Any improvements?

I suggest voting against a proposal because a proposal is pending until the creator is withdrawing it. This way maybe some members are signing here, but other members were against, but had no voice to speak-up and show their disagreement.

five friends

Happy End!

With xSafe, the five friends Judy, Grace, Heidi, Carol and Eve had kept their assets very safe for a very long time. 

Excursion: Staking App

xSafe has already a Staking App to install with one click. This enables the group of friends to delegate EGLD to the staking providers of MultiversX.

Install the Stake App

Choose a Staking Provider

Valid Blocks created xSafe. So credits for Valid Blocks Staking Provider.

Nevertheless, we appreciate staking EGLD on Rarity.market NFT Marketplace

3 members need to sign and creator needs to perform

Voilà, 500 EGLD are staked! Happy rewards!

Werk3 für Datenschutz GmbH

(english version below)

Mit Wirkung zum 01.01.2023 kommt die Werk3 für Datenschutz GmbH als Tochterfirma in unsere Unternehmensgruppe.

Die Werk3 für Datenschutz GmbH stellt einen externen Datenschutzbeauftragten für Ihre Firma mit Sitz in Deutschland. Speziell für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen KMU, freie Berufe und Start-ups zugeschnitten, hilft Ihnen die Geschäftsführerin, Frau Sandra Leist, Herausforderungen der DS-GVO zu meistern.

Die vollständige Adresse von Werk3 ist:

Werk3 für Datenschutz GmbH
Letteallee 3

13409 Berlin

Des weiteren wird es eine neue Niederlassung in der Nähe von Würzburg geben.

Wir freuen uns jetzt schon sehr auf das Thema Datenschutz betreut in unserer Firmengruppe und begrüßen Sandra Leist ganz herzlich!

Gerne bieten wir eine Untersuchung ihres Blockchain-Projektes unter Aspekten der DS-GVO an.

With effect from 01.01.2023, Werk3 für Datenschutz GmbH will join our group of companies as a subsidiary.

Werk3 für Datenschutz GmbH provides an external data protection officer for your company based in Germany. Tailored specifically for small and medium-sized enterprises SMEs, freelancers and start-ups, the managing director, Ms. Sandra Leist, helps you to master challenges of the DSGVO.

The full address of Werk3 is:

Werk3 for Data Protection Ltd.

Letteallee 3

13409 Berlin


Furthermore, there will be a new branch office near Würzburg.

We are already very much looking forward to the topic of data protection supervised in our group of companies and warmly welcome Sandra Leist!

We are happy to offer an investigation of YOUR project under aspects of the DSGVO.

How can you add a @herotag to your MultiversX wallet?

A @herotag makes it easy to remember a wallet address for the most people. Some exceptional people can remember a full 63 character wallet address like this: erd19lsleldqeaf8myvhyd7j4xzu8wk7ehd62xevmv5kccejpehxf6xssspxns.  

Here is how you can register your @herotag for your address in Elrond DNS Service.

On xPortal (formerly known as Maiar App)

Here it is really easy. Just press register your @herotag, select your herotag and register it when it is still available.

Congratulations! You are done!

When you are using another type of wallet, the other options may fit you.

Using erdpy dns register

erdpy is a command line tool to interact with MultiversX blockchain. It is available for Linux and Mac. Here you can find out hot to install and update erdpy: https://docs.elrond.com/sdk-and-tools/erdpy/installing-erdpy/

When erdpy is running, you need your private key of the wallet your want to register your @herotag for. The private key is stored in a .pem file. 

If you have your 24 words, but not a .pem file you can use erdpy to create your .pem file:

erdpy –verbose wallet derive walletKey.pem –mnemonic

> here you paste your twenty four words of your wallet et cetera
Now you private key is in the file walletKey.pem

Let’s check in with network you want to register the herotag.

  • For mainnet use proxy: https://gateway.elrond.com and chainID: 1.
  • For devnet use proxy: https://devnet-gateway.elrond.com and chainID: D.
  • For testnet use proxy: https://testnet-api.elrond.com and chainID: T.
For mainnet:
$ erdpy config set chainID 1
$ erdpy config set proxy https://gateway.elrond.com

For devnet:

$ erdpy config set chainID D

$ erdpy config set proxy https://devnet-gateway.elrond.com

Let’s register your @herotag now:

erdpy dns register –recall-nonce –name=your_hero_tag.elrond –gas-limit=70000000 –pem=walletKey.pem –pem-index=0 –outfile=.json –send

Please replace your herotag at the name parameter. Please note:

a-z and 0-9 are possible to use. No upper case and no other characters. The herotag has to end with .elrond.

Good Luck!

Using an online tool from e-kompass.io

When using erdpy valiant is not the right tool for you, or you don’t have the private key because you are using Ledger or Atomic Wallet, this is the method is for you!

Here is also a Warning:

– It’s not possible to modify or delete a herotag assigned to an address!

– The herotag will be visible in the Elrond Explorer and can be used as an receiving address in many wallets, soon.

Here is an good example

Do you remember the wallet address I mentioned before? erd19lsleldqeaf8myvhyd7j4xzu8wk7ehd62xevmv5kccejpehxf6xssspxns? The alias registered for this address is @treambananenflanke. This wallet belongs to a sports club based in different cities like Bayreuth, Cologne, Munich, Landshut and Regensburg to mention a few only. Here you can find the official home page: https://www.team-bananenflanke.de/

Team Bananenflanke section Regensburg is looking forward to receive your donation on @teambananenflanke 🙂

Thank you!

Elrond is rebranding to MultiversX

Elrond is now called MultiversX

On day one of big X Day event at Palais Brongniart in Paris there was a big announcement at 11:30 am: Elrond is re-branding to MultiversX!

Even most of Elrond’s team members didn’t know about the new name, the new colors and the new mission! They where sitting in the audience like us and enjoying the presentation of the new mission including all the products.

Elrond blockchain layer 1 improvments

Elrond is improving constantly it’s layer1 protocol

The team of Elrond Network is steadily improving, tweaking and tuning their protocol implementation.

Elrond-go Repository

Here come a change may important for other builders on Elrond blockchain.

With the version on Elrond-go v1.2.40 register a NFT brand aka. NFT collection there are four smart contract result instead of one before. When builders are querying the smart contract result of issueNonFungible transaction why need to filter on the smart contract result returning the new registered token identifier in this format: “ok@ + <token identifier in hexadecimal encoding>”

Elrond is developing and improving their protocol in a spectacular way and speed. You can get a short summary of their work in the Elrond Network Announcement Telegram Channel on the “Weekly summary” posts under: weekly #elrondtech.

We hope to help you as a builder with short posts like this to improve your product.

Maiar login 2 is now live

Elrond introduced Maiar Login 2.0

Maiar Login 2.0 is LIVE!

Enhanced user experience. More powerful features. Improved connectivity.

Significant step forward for the Ecosystem.


Here is a quick look at the improvements:

  • Wallet login session can be used up to 7 days
  • Multiple active sessions are possible
  • Improved session management

Great usability it the key for on-boarding users to web3!