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White Label Dapp just released!

We are proud to present our White Label Dapp! It can support projects on MultiversX. 

Tomorrow, on an MultiversX event exclusive for founders and developers, we will officially launch our White Label Dapp. This is empowering small teams or new projects to let their customers interact with MultiversX blockchain. This may be a game changer for them. Please take a close look at our product page, try it out in our dapp demo site and fill out the feedback form to get in touch. Have fun trying our example of a NFT Lottery yourself.

Get all details on the product page.

Hatom Liquid Staking

We are part of Hatom Liquid Staking Phase 1

Pole position

Hatom Protocol will bring several new DeFi modules into MultiversX ecosystem. 

Lending Protocol Lend your EGLD or ESDT safely and receive rewards or borrow EGLD or other tokens from other users.  

Liquidity Staking This is enabling users to be more flexible on staking EGLD. 10 days withdraw period does not exist and a percentage of staked EGLD can to re-used while it is staked by Hatom’s Liquid Staking.

Governance Hatom’s HTM token allows its holders to take part in the governance and decide on the future of the entire Hatom Ecosystem.

Safety Module Earn safety incentives by providing an additional layer of protection for the protocol

Beside of Liquid staking on MultiversX Staking Providers there are orrowing and Lending, ESDT Staking and a Safety Module to protect users from Liquidations.